This is not a once in a lifetime event. This is a once in ten lifetimes event.

If you love astrology, you will want to stay up tonight and check out the 'Christmas Star'. We talked about this a few weeks ago not actually being a star, but two planets lining up. Jupiter and Saturn will align like this for the first time since July 1226. Astrologists actually call it the 'Great Conjecture'. The two planets coming together will look like one giant star they say.

You'll want to look on the southwest horizon about an hour after sunset and the good news for us in Wichita Falls tonight. Clear skies!  “What makes this particular event so special isn’t just because it’s a rarity, that it hasn’t been seen in our sky in about 800 years since 1226 -- but that it’s happening on winter solstice. It’s happening very close to Christmas. We will have both of the planets actually not only appear bright in our sky but appear almost to touch, if not actually touching,”  Dr. Mary Urquhart, a planetary scientist and associate professor for UT Dallas said.

You'll want to look on the southwest horizon about an hour after sunset if you want to see this rare event. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to observe the sky even with just your unaided eye,” she said. “If you happen to have binoculars or a telescope it’s even better." The two planets will be at their closest on Monday night and will get move further and further apart after that.

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