Damn, we praying to the Football Gods in week two?!

This past Sunday the Dallas Cowboys got their first win of the season. My prediction for this game was going to be big shootout. I was thinking a final score in the 30s or 40s. Boy was I wrong, the Cowboys only put up 20 points. Glad gambling isn't legal in Texas, I would have bet the over in this and would not have thought twice about it.

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A big reason why this game was so close, the refs. I had to look this up, but only twelve penalties were called in the entire game. It felt like much more. I think it's because many of those penalties came at crucial moments in the game. The Cowboys and Chargers benefited on many of these calls and the refs definitely played a factor in that final score.

However, the Cowboys were able to get into field goal position in the final seconds of the game. One fan did the only thing he could do in this situation...pray. Video was shot from the nosebleeds on Sunday of a man on his knees not watching the game. He using the chair as a pew and is literally praying for this kick to go in.

He hears fans starting to cheer and turns out around to find, it's good! He honestly probably didn't know what the cheers were for at first because it was technically a home game for the Chargers, but A LOT of Cowboys fans were in attendance cheering once it went through.

Not gonna lie, I've prayed for the outcomes of games. I don't think in week two, I save my prayers for the postseason.

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