When the seat belt didn't work on a ride at Wonderland Amusement Park in Amarillo, TX, this dad saved the day

Delbert Latham and his son, Kayson, went on a ride on the Mouse Trap Roller Coaster (seen above) on a recent trip to the park. Latham decided to take a video of the ride to show his son's excitement. He ended up getting a video of a lot more than just a fun ride.
When the ride started, the seat belt Kayson was wearing came apart and he slid to the floor of the cart. Latham ended up grabbing his son and holding him in for the rest of the ride.

After it was all over, Latham says he told the guy running the ride and was told that they knew about it and that it "happens sometimes." The park has issued a statement saying that they immediately removed that cart from the ride and made sure all others were working correctly.

They say the ride wasn't originally built with seat belts but they were later added as an extra safety feature.