Another year, another country performance at halftime. 

As is tradition in my family, we always attend the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving game. This also means I have seen a lot of musical artists throughout the years. Over the past decade, I have seen some awful acts and some pretty decent ones. Kelly Clarkson was the highlight for me over the past decade since she actually is a Cowboys fan. The worst was Eric Church last year, no one, I repeat no one will be as awful as that performance.

Maybe since the Cowboys did country last year pop would get some love? Maybe by some form of a miracle an actual rock band? Nope, country once again. Thomas Rhett has been announced as the Salvation Army Halftime Performer. He won the ACM for male vocalist of the year this year. Like I said, he will be an improvement from last year's disaster.

Rhett released a statement on what it means to be playing on Thanksgiving. “Watching the Cowboys game is such a tradition on Thanksgiving Day,” said Thomas Rhett. “It’s all about being together with family and friends, but this year is going to be a little different for us. I’m pumped that we get to pack up the whole family to go to Dallas for the halftime show…it’s going to be blast and helping do it for a good cause makes it even better."

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