They're America's team and I love to see this heat up the rivalry before games even start.

Fun fact, the Washington Redskins don't play in Washington DC. They actually play in Maryland, also they practice in Virginia. Makes no sense to me why they still think of themselves as a Washington team, but whatever. Over in Virginia, some Dallas Cowboys fans apparently are working on some construction right on the other side of the Redskins practice fields.

We know this because they hung up a Cowboys flag in the window of the facility they're working on. It's a pretty big flag too that can be spotted all the way from the field. Some players are not too happy about this. Redskins receiver Trey Quinn is quoted as saying he wants to fight someone over this.

Hey Trey, how about you actually do some fighting on the field. The Cowboys have beaten the Redskins in five of the past six games and have an overall record of  71–45–2 against the Redskins. Looks like the Cowboys are the only ones fighting. By the way, the flag came down and I hope someone higher up in the Redskins organization didn't complain for that to come down.

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