I was so disappointed in the Dallas Cowboys Monday night in Arizona.

The Cowboys and Jerry Jones had an opportunity to take the high road and show America what is meant by the moniker 'America's Team,' but they failed and failed miserably.

I know many Cowboys fans will disagree. Many of you have stated on social media that you think they did the right thing by taking the knee before the Anthem, then standing and locking arms for the National Anthem. I respectfully disagree, completely. The act of taking the knee has already been grounded in anger by previous teams. Most Americans now view it as a slap in the face of America herself.

The fact that Jerry and 'Boys did it before the Anthem is really not relevant. The fact that they did it at all is. And for as long as any of us can remember, it has been tradition to stand for the National Anthem, hat removed, hand over heart, paying a proper amount of respect to that song, our flag and the nation as a whole.

Dallas, you failed. You took the politically correct, lets-just-straddle-the-fence-and-try-to-appease-everyone approach. You failed. You had a chance to turn this tide and you blew it.

Watch and listen to my complete commentary regarding the Cowboys' decision to take a knee from Wake Up Call Tuesday morning in the video above.

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