Decatur will not be able to play baseball this fall due to this theft.

Just south of us over in Decatur, the community is shocked to hear what the president did with the league's money. 46-year-old Eric Fletcher has been charged with a third-degree felony charge after spending around $69,000 of the league's money on himself.

Thousands of dollars of that money was allegedly spent on entertainment and jewelry. The fall league was getting ready to start in just a few weeks in downtown Decatur. Without this money, the league cannot function. "I just thought it was sad. A lot of kids probably depended on it," said Decatur Police Chief Rex Hoskins. "It keeps a lot of kids off the streets."

It came to light this past May that the league hadn't been paying to play on those fields for years. A board member for the league alerted the police chief about something fishy with the accounts. Hoskins discovered more than $69,000 was missing from the league's bank account that did not appear to be used for baseball-related expenses. Eric Fletcher was the only person with access to the debit card.

Things such as $1,307.06 for two tickets to see George Strait, $406.59 at jewelry store James Avery and more than $200 at Victoria's Secret, according to an arrest warrant affidavit. Looks like Eric had been spending the league's money like this for about five years and he's only been the president for six years.

Eric Fletcher has been released from jail on bond. The league is hoping to start back up in the spring and change names of the league as well. The league's secretary, Cassie Lisby Savell released the following statement on the situation.

During the 2019 spring baseball season, while performing proper oversight, Decatur Baseball League officials noticed various discrepancies in the league’s banking transaction history. As a course of necessary action, league officials notified the proper local authorities and have cooperated fully with their investigation. At this time, we are unable to provide further details as the investigation is still pending. Currently, league officials are focused on ensuring that future baseball seasons are successful for the local youth and their families.

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