What a weekend of football here in Texas. One of the great games happened in College Station with the Aggies pulling off a major upset. Some are saying the game winning field goal had a touch from above?

I am much more of a NFL fan compared to college football. Actually I should say I'm more of a Dallas Cowboys fan, that's all I honestly care about. You would have to be living under a rock this past weekend to not hear about the crazy college football games. The annual Red River 'Showdown' happened at the Cotton Bowl, with Oklahoma getting a touchdown with a few seconds left on the clock. Sorry Longhorns fans.

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Later that night in College Station the Texas A&M Aggies were taking on #1 in the country the Alabama Crimson Tide. At the time, Texas A&M was not ranked in the country, but the 12th man of A&M is not a fun crowd to play in front of. They were going nuts on Saturday with a chance to upset the number one team in the country.

With only two seconds left in the game, the Aggies lined up for a pretty make-able field goal for the win. The kick is up and it looks like it's going left, but then the field goal shanks right and goes in. Now you can see the orange flags on top of the field goal posts are not really moving, so how did that happen? Some are saying God.

That's right, because Texas A&M LITERALLY blessed their field before the game. This was done at the request of Texas A&M University System Chancellor John Sharp. The Aggie Catholic channel's YouTube page reads the blessing was for, "health and safety of the players, and if it's not too far of a stretch, a Fightin' Texas Aggie Win!"


Was this some sort of 'Angels in the Outfield' moment for the Texas A&M Aggies? “We’re pretty sure that when that field goal was veering to the left, the good Lord kind of blew a little puff on it and blew it back to the right,” Sharp said. He said that in a joking manner, but it looks like the blessing was for the health of players, the Aggies have apparently had a lot of injuries, so a pregame blessing couldn't hurt.

Maybe they need to do this before every home game and see if it works.

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