This kid is clearly a talented artist and sadly some a-hole bully had to ruin it.

One thing that you guys do down here in Texas that I have never seen anywhere else is let seniors paint their parking space at their high school. Don't get me wrong, I am truly jealous of this. I wish my school would have done something like this back in the day. Over in Aledo, Texas at the local high school, senior Will Lepard got to work on his parking space.


It was a beautiful mural to his favorite artist, Dolly Paron. Will didn't mess around, he clearly put a lot of work into this. Sadly, some jerk spray painted all over Dolly's face and ruined it. Thanks to the support of others, Will didn't get put down by this. Folks encouraged Will to redo the mural and even helped chip in for new supplies.

By the way, this was clearly targeted at Will. No other parking spaces were spray painted in the parking lot, only Will's space. Aledo ISD released a statement on the vandalism:

“Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to identify anyone involved, but we are asking anyone who has information related to this incident to come forward," the district said in a statement. "With Will’s can-do attitude and forgiving spirit, we can’t wait to see him create another masterpiece for everyone to enjoy.”

I am hoping someone in Dolly Parton's camp gets her to see this because Will is clearly a superfan. How cool would it be if Dolly came to Texas to see the new space or maybe Will could get a trip to Dollywood. In case you did not know, Dolly Parton has her own theme park in Tennessee. Look it up if you have never been, it's actually really cool.

Best of luck to Will on the new mural and I hope Dolly gets to see it.



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