Looks like a new bill was filed in the state and fans of the 45th President would probably love to see it passed.

Feel free to call me crazy, but does any state love Former President Donald Trump more than Oklahoma? Seriously, the state already has a Donald Trump Highway and now they want to give him his own day? Senator Nathan Dahm a Republican out of Broken Arrow filed Senate Resolution 47, which, if passed, would memorialize June 14, 2022 as President Donald J. Trump Day.

Why that day? It is his birthday of course. By the way, Nathan Dahm is also the one that filed the bill for the highway as well. Sounds like Nathan REALLY loves Donald Trump and he made that clear in the statement he released on filing this Senate Resolution.

“If we can spend time during the legislative session to designate Golf Day, create an official state theater, and name a state horse, then we can certainly take the time to honor the greatest President of the 21st century by designating June 14, 2022, as President Donald J. Trump Day,” Dahm said. “As the creator of the nation’s first President Trump highway, I strongly believe that we as a state should continually remind people of the economic boom, advancement of liberty, and how our country was made great again during his presidency. This is especially evident when contrasting his accomplishments to the skyrocketing inflation, highest ever gas prices, and failure after failure by the current resident in the White House.”

Since the state already passed the highway, I assume this will go forward as well. As always, you never know with politics. So we will wait and see what happens. What can Oklahoma do next to honor Donald Trump? Name a city after him? Highway...to a day...to city. I don't know where we go from there.

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