I learned the names of some of these towns today and I never would have guessed the right way in a million years.

Ever since I have moved to Texas, I have been fascinated with the way Texas towns are pronounced. Believe me, you guys call me out when I mess them up. I'm from Maryland, how am I supposed to know. A perfect example of this was when we got some folks that work for our radio stations up in New York to try and pronounce Texas town names. You can watch that video above.

Drew Barrymore was put to the test this week on CBS DFW. Drew is apparently traveling across the state of Texas for her talk show and they were the latest stop. During the weather forecast, they put her to the test on Texas town names and a few in our area got the nod.

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First up was Montague, alright this one is a county and not a town. When I first moved here, I would pronounce it the exact way Drew does. The other Texoma one she shouts out is Bowie, she thinks it's pronounced like David Bowie. I will admit, I did guess Bowie right my first time years ago when I moved here.

The one I was shocked to hear was Italy, Texas. It's pronounced "It le", silent A. To the townspeople of Italy, Texas, that sounds awful. Come together and let us just call you Italy like the country.

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