By now you know the City of Wichita Falls has been working on an ambitious emergency plan to try and get us through the drought: divert treated water from one of the sewer treatment facilities to the R-O plant and then send it down the pipe to you.

This is not anything new or experimental.  Oklahoma City has done it for years and San Angelo has such a system in place as well.  A private contractor has been laying large, black pipe from the River Road Waste Water Treatment facility to the Cypress Water Treatment facility for several months.  Soon, that  system will begin reclaiming over 7 million gallons of treated sewer water that, until now, has gone into the Big Wichita River and on to the Red River, then, ultimately to Lake Texoma.

But how safe is it?  Click on the player below to hear City of Wichita Falls Public Works Director Russell Schrieber talk about where the project stands and the official launch.

Give us 'Your Two Cents' on the matter.  What are your concerns?  Does this affect your desire to drink the tap water?  Talk to us!