Wichita Falls as a cycle. We flood, then we drought, then we start over again. Looks like the city is looking to the future and our rain chances are low with high temperatures the next few months.

Although the city is technically not under any stages of a Water Conservation Plan, they want folks to be aware we will most likely be in one in the next few months. Currently, our lakes in Wichita Falls are at 77% capacity. Once we get down to 65%, the city will enter Stage 1 of conservation efforts.

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Looking ahead to the rest of the year, rain chances are pretty low for our area. Also, very high temperatures are expected. Although nothing is set in stone, the city is predicting us to enter Stage 1 sometime in September. Now the city does currently have some water restrictions in place year round. You can check out that full list here.


One thing I had no idea about was Wichita Falls restaurants are not allowed to give a customer water, unless that customer has asked for water. I am unable to find an updated plan for Wichita Falls if we were to enter Stage 1, but I assume it is the same for when we did this back in 2015.

  • All year-round restrictions remain in place
  • Spray Irrigation limited to 2x per week based on address
  • Restricts water from running down curb
  • Golf course watering limited to 2x per week, except for the greens.
  • New Landscape waiver available for a period of 30 days.


We will see how the rest of the summer goes, but try not to be wasteful of that water.

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