In the wake of the tragic school shooting in Connecticut in December, gun rights advocates, shooting sports enthusiasts, hunters, advocates for limited federal government and basically anyone who identifies themselves as conservative have been accused of  knee jerk reactions.  Why? Because so many of us are running out and buying up guns and ammo amid direct threats from the White House to cast aside the 2nd Amendment guarantees of the Constitution in the name of ‘gun control’, that’s why.  But yet we’ve seen true knee jerk reactions from schools over noting more than incidences of kids being kids.

One of the more recent involves a kindergarten student in Pennsylvania.  The girl was waiting for the school bus and allegedly said something about using her Hello Kitty Bubble Gun.  Yes, a bubble gun.  The child was interviewed by police without a parent present and suspended for making a “terroristic threat”.  The parents have hired and attorney but so far the school has done little aside from reducing her suspension.  It’s beyond stupid.  I really believe our own local school officials have more of a brain and more common sense than the Pennsylvania officials.  But all schools have adopted a “zero tolerance” policy to so many behaviors.

What do you think?  Should schools take every mention or representation of a gun, such as a child drawing a gun on a piece of paper, as a potential threat?  Or are they just overreacting?