Probably our favorite Christmas tradition in Wichita Falls is the Fantasy of Lights and here are my favorite displays I look forward to every year.

Obviously if you have driven down Taft Boulevard in front of Midwestern State University the past month, you have seen the displays going up for the Fantasy of Lights. The official opening is Monday the 21st at 6PM. This is when everything will be lit up for the first time in 2022. Plus, this is the time when the big man himself, Santa will be there.


For decades, the MSU Burns Fantasy of Lights has been dazzling children of all ages. I know the adults also look forward to it every year. Need a shot of Christmas nostalgia in your life? You go to the Fantasy of Lights.

I believe over 30 displays are present every year and a lot of effort is put into making these things look good and run. Remember, if you can make a donation it is greatly appreciated. These things constantly need updated paint every year and new equipment to get them moving. Some of these displays are SEVERAL decades old at this point.

Also, don't forget to tell the kiddos to write those letters to Santa. The Fantasy of Lights does have a mailbox which will send those letters directly to the North Pole. Santa, I am still waiting on my TMNT Party Wagon from 1995. I am not bitter about it, just still patiently waiting all these years later.

Top Ten Fantasy of Lights Display

It's a Christmas tradition for Wichita Falls and today I want to share my favorite Fantasy of Lights displays that I have to stop at every year. Let me know what I should have put or if your favorite is much higher on the list.

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