An altercation in the parking lot led to an innocent bystander getting shot.

Police were called yesterday afternoon to the Dave and Buster’s at 75 and Walnut Hill in Dallas.The incident happened around 2 pm. Two groups of people were arguing inside the restaurant, but then went outside. One person pulled out a gun and fired three shots. Apparently one of the bullets ricocheted off the sidewalk striking Dr. Carlos Chapa in the leg.

He was just arriving to Dave and Busters to celebrate a birthday when the fight broke out. “As soon as I turned around I see him take out the gun,” Chapa told WFAA. “He cocked it, and it was a bam-bam-bam. As soon as he did the third one, I’m trying to get out and push my dad [to safety] and I fell to the ground. I couldn’t feel, my leg wasn’t working.” Dr. Chapa was taken to a nearby hospital were he was treated and later released.

Witnesses say the two groups were arguing about a stuffed animal that was won in the arcade. The shooter was arrested later nearby the Dave and Busters. You can see some video below of what happened after the shots were fired .


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