Someone was staying busy with a nice big weed farm.

The Navarro County Sheriff’s office had quite the drug bust this week. On Monday, July 23, they were sent to a heavily wooded area just off I-45 near Richland, Tex. The department received an anonymous tip about the possible pot farm, and drone footage proved that tip could be true. Narcotics Detectives obtained a search warrant and have been conducting surveillance operations for several days in an attempt to observe any suspects.

Photo Courtesy of Navarro County Sheriff's Office
Photo Courtesy of Navarro County Sheriff's Office

Police only found one 'person' at the site. It was sort of like a scarecrow, a dummy was positioned in a hammock holding a rifle. No other persons came to the site, but the marijuana was in the process of being harvested. In total, 10,000 plants were seized in the bust, some as high as six feet tall.

“We will continue to seek these illegal domestic marijuana grows in our county and remain diligent in eradicating this type of criminal activity in our county,” Navarro County Sheriff Elmer Tanner said. “I am very proud of our officer’s efforts and dedication to duty in braving extreme heat to ensure that this marijuana crop does not ever hit our streets.”

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