2016 is turning into the year of the drug bust in our area. 

It seems like every week this year we have a major drug bust. Sometimes two or three. The latest took place, once again, on Highway 287. I would say if you're transporting drugs, avoid this highway. These guys are good at finding you.

The latest smuggler is Gregory Matthew Sapit of Florida. Sapit was driving on hwy 287 south of Electra on Sunday when he was stopped.

Gregory refused to let the officer search his car. A canine was called to the scene. Gregory told the officer he was on his way to Dallas for his grandmother's 90th birthday. Well, I guess grandma likes to get high because several packages of marijuana were found.

Six packages in total were recovered weighing 132 pounds and worth around $842,000. Gregory Matthew Sapit is currently being held in Wichita county on a $200,000 bond.