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Former Texas Governor Rick Perry has assumed the role of spokesman for the Texas Betting Alliance, according to NBC DFW. Ironically, Perry once fought legalized betting in Texas.

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Why did he change his tune, you ask? He figures since people are already betting illegally, the state should make it legal so that it can be regulated to make it safe:

This is a way to regulate and to make legal this activity that is going to go on. The idea that somehow or another people are going to stop betting on sports is a bit of a fallacy. Well, it is just not going to happen.

Well, there’s that and there’s also a lot of money to be made. Perry says legalized sports betting could bring millions of dollars in revenue to the state.

Personally, I’m all for legalized sports betting here in the Lone Star State. In fact, I’m for legalized gambling altogether (and I’m not a big gambler, by the way).

I’m with Perry in that if it’s already happening, why not seize the opportunity to drive some more revenue for the state? And when it comes to gambling in general, Texans flock to the casinos just north of the Red River in Oklahoma. So, let's keep that money here.

I have a feeling that it will eventually happen. Yes, there are those who are opposed to legalized gambling in Austin. But just like former Governor Perry, more and more people are coming around to it.

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