Didn't Jason teach you anything? You can't get high on Friday the 13th. He will find you, or in this case, the Wichita County Sheriff's Office will.

Time for our regular series, who got busted this week on Highway 287?

On Friday, May 13 just after 3:00 pm, Wichita County deputies made a traffic stop on US 287 and Midway Church Road. A drug-sniffing dog was called to the scene, who alerted police of possible drugs in the vehicle.

Inside the car was 30 pounds of pure hash oil, wax and paste valued at $650,000.00. Police took the drugs and 26-year-old Craig Lee Lawrence into custody. He was transported to the Wichita County Detention Center and was charged with Manufacture/Delivery of a Controlled Substance PG 2 over 400 grams.

I am sure I can say this at this point, tune in next week to find out who gets busted on Highway 287.