The holiday gift-giving season can be a particularly trying time for those shopping for teens. But don’t stress. Cool gift ideas abound, no matter what your teens’ tastes and interests are. Here are a few to consider.

For Athletes

Know a young athlete? Improve his or her training sessions with a set of high-quality waterproof headphones, which will make all those laps around the track a bit more pleasant, rain or shine.

If you have a bigger budget to work with, a fitness tracker is a useful tool for those looking to more closely track their progress.

For the Crafty Ones

The creative DIY marketplace is brimming with cool kits for crafting and customizing items that express one’s personal style.

For crafty teens, check out the new DIY kits from STMT, which are available online and in-stores at Target, Barnes & Noble, Nordstrom and Toys"R"Us. They include a Hand Stamped Jewelry kit for making unique gold and silver earrings and necklaces designed with names, initials and charms, as well as a new DIY Journaling Set -- a perfect gift for those who write, scrap-book or journal and want to do so in style. The 70 pages spiral journal comes with patterns, chipboard frames and sparkling glitter tape.

For those recipients who have an interest in creating hand-crafted bath products, consider gifting an STMT DIY Bath Bombs kit, containing everything one might need to make colorful and fragrant bath bombs, along with an instruction booklet with tips and suggestions

For Musicians

Don’t fret! A customized guitar strap or pick punch are fun stocking stuffers for guitarists. Or, help drummers keep the beat with a set of personalized drumsticks inscribed with a name or message.

You can also simply foster music appreciation with tickets to a show or concert, or help your teen discover new music with an iTunes or Spotify gift card.

For Avid Readers

Bibliophiles can never get their hands on enough books. Help satisfy the craving for new reading material with a book subscription. Whether it’s an e-book subscription that periodically delivers new titles to an e-reader, or a service that delivers printed material by mail, this is a gift that keeps on giving, all year long.

For the College Bound

For those teens heading off to college soon, consider a gift card to a big box retailer specializing in all the supplies they will need to set up a dorm room and make it feel like home.

Whether your teens are artistic, sporty or anything in between, consider thoughtful gifts that suit their interests and encourage them do what they love.


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