A man who recently got married went viral after sharing how what was meant to be a sweet gesture for his new bride went up in flames.

In Reddit's Am I The A--hole subreddit forum, a user posted a story about his wedding that garnered some eyebrow raises in reaction.

"I just got married last week (my wife and I are both in our thirties). I am Mexican, she is American, but we both grew up in the US and both our families know both languages," the user wrote.

He went on to describe his wife as a "very controlling and nervous bride" but that he understood "she was stressed."

However, that may have been a red flag for what came later.

Unbeknownst to the bride, the groom planned a surprise song performance for the reception.

"During the reception I went to the band and asked them to play a song for me to sing to my new wife. It was 'Te Amare' by Miguel Bose," he explained.

The song had special meaning for the couple.

"It was the song from out first date in a really bad Mexican restaurant, so it became a long-standing joke between us," he shared.

"The guests really loved the song, my [mother-in-law] cried and told me it was beautiful," he continued.

Unfortunately, the surprise wasn't received by the bride in the way he hoped it would be.

"My bride seemed upset. I asked her what's wrong and she said I am an [a--hole] for taking the spotlight to enforce my ethnicity and not just let the band sing our song for us," the new husband wrote, concluding his story.

On Reddit, readers rallied behind the groom.

"What a weird way to view what happened..." one user commented.

"Agreed. Her accusation is bizarre. I'm not sure what 'enforce your ethnicity' actually entails," another replied to the comment.

"I feel like a lunatic laughing out loud, but her take on it was just so freaking weird! The bride has some issues," someone else added.

Others noted the plot twist of the post: "Yeah, I didn’t see that coming. I was thinking maybe she was shy and did not like such public romantic gestures, or the fact that it was a surprise and not on her itinerary, or that he couldn’t sing."

Meanwhile, many commenters called the bride out for being racist and called her behavior a red flag.

"It sounds like she is racist, TBH," one person wrote.

Overall, commenters seemed to agree that the groom was definitely not the "a--hole" in this situation.

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