Studies show that people who play video games show the same symptoms as drug addicts.


"The same areas of the brain lit up, when MRI imaging was used on a few “game addicts,” whereas in the control group, those areas remained unaffected. The mechanisms that trigger the activation of these areas are still largely unknown, and researchers are working hard to determine what it is exactly that keeps people locked in front of a computer for hours."-Tudor Vieru

Many players spend a vast amount of time on their games, taking away time that could be spent with friends, family, and real life activities.  Video game addiction is a serious problem.

"Some players become more concerned with their interactions in the game than in their broader lives. Players may play many hours per day, having late baths and regarding personal hygiene as a waste of time, gain or lose significant weight due to playing, disrupt sleep patterns to play and suffer sleep deprivation as an effect, play at work, standing in the middle of nowhere looking into space for a considerable amount of time, avoiding phone calls from friends and/or lying about play time."-Wikipedia

I wish further studies and actions could be talked about. I think it's a dire need for this generation.

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