Was it a conspiracy, a coincidence, or was the game just that accurate? Last week, EA SPORTS posted a YouTube video simulating the upcoming Super Bowl between the Patriots and the Seahawks. Now, the video game didn't get the scores right for the whole game, but the accuracy over all is still pretty impressive. The simulation had the Seahawks leading at halftime 17-14, when really it ended up with both teams tied at 14 at the half. In the real Super Bowl, New England had to come back from a 24-14 deficit. In the simulation, the same thing happened! Now, in the video game, it ends with a pretty amazing scoring drive from New England for the win. We're still trying to figure out why in the *&%*&&^% world Seattle would have gone for a pass play on the 1 yard line with a guy you call Beastmode in the backfield!

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