For the wine-o in your life, this sounds like a perfect day trip. 

Just west of Austin in Fredricksburg, Texas a very special shuttle service is being offered.  290 Wine Shuttle, which transports you to 14 different wineries in the area. The shuttle only operates on Saturdays and Sundays. The reason the shuttle is called 290 is that all the wineries are on Highway 290.

The shuttles pick up riders every fifteen minutes, so not a lot of waiting in between wineries. Another cool thing is the shuttles can actually hold on to your purchases so you don't have to carry all those wine bottles around with you all day. The shuttle is available during the week, but those will be a private shuttle. Also more expensive for the private shuttle as well.

An all day pass will only run you around twenty-five bucks. For a designated driver, sounds pretty cheap to me. For those private tours, up to fourteen people will cost $495. So around 35 bucks a person, still not bad. If you love Texas wine this sounds like the ultimate destination trip for you.

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