I'm glad someone is doing this because sometimes we all need a reminder to have a good day.

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Here in Wichita Falls, we all had a good laugh at the graffiti that popped up in downtown Wichita Falls.

I thought the city should embrace the new art downtown, but sadly it looks like the "Have a Good Day, Fat B****" has been removed by the city. How will we ever remember this moment in Wichita Falls history? Merchandising.

Local artist A.J. Kappes has our new favorite Wichita Falls saying on a few shirts and even has a mirrored version. That way when you're looking in a mirror at home or in the gym it will give you a little bit of motivation for your day. If that wasn't enough, he also has it on coozies. Should I open up another beer? Yes, have a good day you fat b****.

Hopefully these things sell like crazy so we can all inspire each other to have a good day in Wichita Falls. That's all it was about, spreading positivity throughout the community. So get our there and have a good day Wichita Falls. If you work some of that fat off you, even better.


Now if only we could find love for this other graffiti artist in town, then we would have everything figured out in our city.

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