Many states think their #growingupin Twitter tags are hilarious (OK, Minnesota's is). But no one can beat Texas, where it really is like a whole other country.Β These are painfully (and hilariously) true.

Y'all means "you all," so of course this is the correct spelling and I don't want to hear otherwise. It's also an extremely useful and versatile word that should be adopted into everyday use by everyone ever.

Ugh, and you had touch hands with sweaty, awkward boys in blue jeans with braided belts. Gross.

My family briefly moved to another state and this question was one of my first tastes of rage towards Yankees. I never rode a horse until my 20s.

And you just heard the jingle in your head, didn't you?

It's called Fall, Winter and half of Spring. Here's a related bonus tweet in the same vein and also 100% accurate to my life:



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