Nothing like being stuck in a traffic and then a lovely f-bomb on the way to work to get the day started.

What Happened?

We all have seen the electronic signs posted on the side of the road warning you of something coming up. 99% of the time, this is to let you know of a road or lane closure ahead and you need to get over. Well it looks like in Houston, someone decided to hack the sign and put up their own message.

Check It Out Below

"Due to Weather, Go F*** Yourself". Hey hacker person, I am enjoying this cooler weather and also Texas needs every drop of rain we can get. I am sure like in many parts of Texas, people forget to SLOW...DOWN in the rain. Take a little bit of caution when the roads are wet people. I am sure that's what this person meant with their message.

The Sign Stayed Up for Hours!

Houston Public Works hasn't released a statement on the situation and people are wondering why it took so long to come down. People said it was up the entire morning as folks were driving to work and everyone got their own shots of it.

Hacking These Signs Is Quite Easy, If People Are Dumb

So apparently all of these signs have the same default password, I will let you Google it yourself. If a city decided to not change the password, that is how these things get 'hacked' so easily. It would be like me using password as my password to get onto my computer at work. So friendly reminder to cities across Texas, take a few minutes and change that password on your warning signs.

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