I was ready for a nostalgic Halloween and sadly it was ruined.

I remember being a kid on Halloween. So much fun trick or treating, dressing up as something awesome like a Street Shark, and watching horror movies. Something that I also remember doing on Halloween is going to McDonald's to get their sweet Happy Meals.

In case you don't remember these, check out this sweet commercial from the 90's. I had my heart set on getting all three last night after I got back from the Cowboys game. I figured I might have to go to several locations to get all three because I thought certain ones would already be gone. I was prepared to get three McNugget Happy Meals and also a McRib meal to truly have a fat boy Sunday.

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I first tried the McDonald's on Southwest Parkway near the Walmart. Went inside, sold out. Next, went to the location on Kemp, sold out. Next, went to the location in downtown Wichita Falls, sold out. My last hope was the other location on Southwest Parkway...you probably figured it out, but yes sold out.

I asked if they were expecting more for today and everyone told me no. So sadly kids, if you expecting a Halloween bucket after school, they're gone. At least I was able to get a McRib meal still, so my heart wasn't completely broken. I was wanting McNuggets, so I did get a twenty piece.


Hey, I was depressed about my bucket! Don't judge how I cope with loss.

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