I'm amazed at how well he was able to drive while being handcuffed.

Looks like Oklahoma police had a busy day today. A man was found stealing copper wire from home and was being placed into police custody. Police were able to get the man in handcuffs, but when he was being placed into the back of a squad car, he got away. I think this guy was like me and grew up playing GTA.


What can I do to get away? Find the fastest nearby vehicle. This guy was able to run into the woods and find an ATV that a neighbor had outside. Unfortunately for him, his star level didn't go down. Police found the suspect speeding throughout Edmond and the chase ended just north of Oklahoma City in Logan County.

Police actually had a helicopter following the suspect to ensure he didn't get away. According to the pilot, this guy was going around 70 mph. Remember, this guy is in handcuffs going that speed. Can't really move your hands that much for those sharp turns and maintain control.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. The suspect met the ATV's greatest match. A puddle of muddy water. Yes, some ATV's are able to handle a deep puddle. This one, not so much. A deputy actually just parked on the dirt road forcing the suspect to go into the puddle. He just collapsed after wiping out in the mud.


In addition to the copper theft charges, I'm sure this guy racked up a slew of new charges when he decided to run. This happened just a few hours ago and I am sure the police are detailing everything this guy did to charge him to the fullest extent of the law.

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