Meet the biggest baby in Texas.

The Fort Worth Zoo welcomed a 330-pound bundle of joy - a female Asian elephant - on Sunday, July 7, and they are asking the public to help find a name for her.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that the public can vote on the name either by paper ballot at the zoo or on the zoo's Facebook page. There are six names to choose from — Belle, Maggie, Rose, Ruby, Sage and Tujuh. Voting started Thursday.

The brand new calf's mother is 40-year-old Rasha, her father is a 43-year-old bull named Groucho and her sister is 14-year-old Bluebonnet.

Michael Fouraker, the zoo's executive director, says the calf will well not leave her mother's side for at least two years and will nurse for "well over a year."

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