How could someone as blatantly corrupt as Hillary Clinton possibly be allowed to run for President, much less win the election?

I’ve been asked that question a hundred times and each time I have the same response: because of us. Because we, the American people, have sat back and allowed her and those like her to flourish. We have been so consumed with games on our smartphones, pointless political bickering on Facebook and spending ourselves into our graves that we have willfully ignored the criminal goings on in Washington. Her opponents have been too afraid to speak up and her supporters too blind to see what she really is. I'll let Bill Whittle explain the criminal negligence of Mrs. Clinton, then you really need to read on.

Add to this the widespread lack of understanding of American politics and you have a formula for disaster. We suffer from extreme apathy. It’s a career politician’s dream combination: apathetic people, too consumed with just consuming to actually give a damn about what said career politicians do. How can congress have such low approval ratings among the electorate and yet 90 percent or more of the incumbents are returned to office every election cycle?

It’s simple, really. The prevailing attitude around the nation goes like this: ‘MY congressman is a good guy, but everyone else’s is the problem'.  If we all hold that opinion about 'our' congressman, no newcomer will ever get a shot at winning.  That attitude, disgustingly low voter turnout (apathy) and an ill-informed electorate (willful ignorance) have put us where we are. Term limits may be the only answer, but that's another topic.

Donald Trump at GOP Convention
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And then there's Donald Trump, the Republican nominee. How does a billionaire reality TV star rise to the top spot on the Republican ticket? The billionaire part does come in handy, no doubt.  Having a name everyone knows even if they don’t watch your show (me, for example), that’s a plus also.  But, for the past year you have all witnessed an awakening. Love him or hate him, Trump has stirred something out there. He has tapped into what millions of people are thinking and feeling.  We are tired of career politicians whose only concern is getting re-elected and grasping more and more control over you and me with every winning ballot.

Why did it take a Donald Trump to wake us up? Perhaps he talks more like we do. He’s NOT one of them.  He’s an outsider, a political nobody who is somebody. You’ve been betrayed by every other politician out there. The guys in the $3,000 suits and $800 shoes with their polished Harvard speech have done nothing for you. Nothing, that is, except to saddle you with crippling debt that is mathematically impossible to pay off and policies that are slowly chipping away at your liberties and constitutional rights. Trump's suit is no less expensive, but his speech reminds you more of you than some of you will admit.

Our nation’s borders, security, identity and culture are all being obliterated in the name of political correctness that, the career politicians hope will translate into votes and many more years in power. Trumps rise to the top is neither a miracle nor a production. It’s the inevitable result of Mr. and Mrs. America finally being mad as hell and unwilling to take it anymore.  Trump came out swinging hard and the 'average' American saw it as a sign of hope. Maybe, just maybe, this guy will be different.

Let's address the most recent anti-Trump fodder-his potty mouth. Several weeks ago, some audio captured on a hot mic aboard a bus with Billy Bush 11 years ago came back to haunt the Republican nominee.  He and Bush engaged in some dirty locker room talk about women. Was it tacky? Yes. Should he have done it? No. Is he sorry he did?  Eh, probably.

But the hypocrisy of the left just knows no limits. Jay Z drops F-bombs and the N-word at a concert for Clinton (NSFW link here) and no one even blinks, right? Take that same language used by Trump 11 years ago, set it to a melody and put it on an Eminem or Little Wayne album and suddenly it's 'art'.  And many of the same individuals, both male and female, who are trashing Trump for his trash talk would be buying those albums and cranking them up with their kids in the car.  And how many of the ladies out there who find Trump so misogynistic and vile have a copy of '50 Shades of Grey' next to their bed?

The scandals that have swirled around the Clinton’s for years now are not just the grumblings of disgusted conservatives and disenfranchised democrats. These scandals are real and they are numerous. The fact that so many people are so willing to overlook them and still vote for her is beyond the pale. Our republic is being killed inch by inch by the career politicians such as Hillary Clinton. They don’t care about your healthcare, your children or your future. It’s all about them. It always has been.

As a caller stated on my show last week, Trump is bad, but Hillary Clinton is just evil. Bad you might be able to fix, but evil is just evil and cannot be transformed. For those of you who think it looks hopeless for Trump, keep in mind, the pundits thought the same of Ronald Reagan in 1980. They were wrong. It’s time to wake up.

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