Harry Patterson, owner of Patterson Auto Group, announced Friday (October 16) that Wichita Falls will soon be home to a series of Presidential murals painted by renowned artist Ross Rossin.

Rossin is known for his large, life-like portraits of American historical figures. Patterson invited Rossin to Wichita Falls for a press conference at P’s Crazy Car Museum to discuss the future plans for the home of his Presidential Portraits known as “The Commanders-in-Chief Project.”

The murals, which measure 13x24 feet, depict every President of the United States. The first two murals depict the Presidents of the 19th and 20th centuries, while the third, consisting of 21st century Presidents, is currently in the works

Rossin, a Bulgarian immigrant, relocated to Georgia ten years ago said the important thing about the portraits is what you don’t see:

You don’t see tyrants, you don’t see kings, you don’t see military dictators, you don’t see any given period in time in the last two hundred and fifty years when the power and the transition of power was abused, it was violent, it was bloody. This is unheard of.

Patterson first discovered the portraits while touring the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, Georgia and was so intrigued that he ultimately decided to purchase them.

Patterson said the murals will remain at the Booth Museum until 2021, when they will be relocated to Wichita Falls.

Presidential Murals by Ross Rossin

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