Need something to binge today, check out this Texas guy that traded up to get a house using one penny.

If you're unfamiliar with this trading up phenomenon, the first one I ever heard about was in the mid 2000's. Kyle MacDonald was able to trade one red paperclip, up to a two story farmhouse. You can check out the trade list here. Ever since then, people have tried to do something similar. Austin YouTuber Ryan Trahan decided to see if he could trade one penny, up to a house for a local artist.

The first video went up back in December describing the journey. At the end of the first video, he was able to trade up to some speakers that were valued around $200.

At the end of his second video, he was able to trade up to Toyota Tundra. That in itself from one penny is pretty impressive.

In the video above, he works his way up to one of those tiny houses.

In the final video Ryan posted this week, he was able to trade the penny into a house. Granted, it was not the house he wanted in Austin. He got one seven hours away in pretty crap shape. However, he still got those artists a house in Austin and donated the fixer upper house to a homeless shelter in the area.

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So he technically did trade a penny up to a house, just not the one he wanted. I know it would take awhile to watch all these videos, but if you're bored today, check it out. Pretty interesting story right here in Texas about how one penny went a long way.

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