What a freaking play and an even epic finish!

So the other day I was just scrolling through Twitter and happened to spot a local high school football play. Looks like Jamarion Carroll is a wide receiver for our local Hirschi Huskies. The Huskies are on their own ten yard line. Jamarion catches a quick eight yard pass. Then does a Tony Hawk Style jump and spin over a defender. He then spins off ANOTHER defender to avoid another tackle.

Jamarion then runs over eighty yards for the touchdown. Wow! I will say though, the only problem I have on the play is after Jamarion is in the endzone. Some scumbag player on Clint decided to late hit Jamarion. He is clearly in the end zone standing there. Number 11 Armando Aguirre on the Clint Lions decided to 'attempt' to check him in the back.


Jamarion takes the hit and Aguirre actually falls over because he came in so hard. Thanks for the extra fifteen yard penalty moron. Hate to see something like that going down simply because you got beat on a play. Don't worry the Clint Lions play a lot like the Detroit Lions. Hirschi would defeat Clint 48-7 over the weekend.


Great win for the Huskies and hopefully someone at ESPN shows Jamarion some love for this play. Looks like Jamarion has already committed to playing College Football right here in Texas. It looks like he will be a member of the Southern Methodist University Mustangs over in Dallas.

I hope to see him at wide receiver on another Dallas team a few years after his college career.

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