Your house is officially haunted. Might as well move now. 

Some new homeowners were moving into their house this past Saturday. The Houston residence was previously owned by 61-year-old Mary Cerruti. She went missing over two years ago and police believe they made have found Mary. She was inside of one of the walls in her house. She was found when one of the new residents was moving in.

Police believe the remains are of Mary because the body was found with a pair of red eyeglasses that Mary would wear frequently. Mary went missing back in 2015 after neighbors called the police when her mail started piling up. When Mary was nowhere to be found, the bank foreclosed on the house and it was sold.

Police Detective Jason Fay said the new owners were a bit worried because of the body. "Was it someone who was killed and stuffed in the wall, or did they accidentally pass away by ending up in the wall?" he said. Police will be doing more tests on the body to determine if the remains are actually Mary.

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