Almost seven years ago, I wrote my '7 simple rules for Congress'. It was, needless to say, a well-received article. Well, it was by everyone except Congress, I suppose. Given the current state of affairs in Congress (thanks to the Democratic Party and some RINOs) it bears repeating, with a few minor tweaks, of course.

Share this with your friends. Discuss it amongst yourselves. Feel free to comment. And let’s get behind an Article 5 Convention of States so we can get this done. You don’t think they’re going to self-impose any of this, now do you?


7 Simple Rules for serving in the U .S.Congress

  1. Term Limits: one six-year term in the Senate and three two-year terms in the house.  If you’ve already served more than this, you will be out of office upon the completion of your current term.  Don’t worry, you’ll make a fine living on the speaking tours and books after you leave office.

AMENDED: In the interest of fairness, let’s give the Senate 12 years, just like the House. It’ll give them more time to plan that book tour.

  1. Congressional salaries will be cut to $90,000/year.  When his/her term(s) are finished, so is their salary.  No, you do not deserve a guaranteed pension.  Unlike our military, your life is rarely at risk.  Invest, like the rest of us are told we should do.  This is supposed to be about service to your country, not a career choice.  And 90K a year is far more than most people will ever hope to earn in a single year.  You are in good company.

AMENDED: I do see that cost of living is an issue. Let’s bump that to $110,000. That’s locked in by constitutional amendment and is adjusted for inflation only with each expiring term. Max salary, with inflaton adjustments,will be $150,000…forever.

  1. ALL congressmen WILL pay into Social Security.  No exceptions.  If it’s good enough for us, it’s good enough for you, right?
  2. Congressional pay raises will work like this:  You won’t be around long enough to need one.  Sorry.

NOTE: I suppose this is actually covered under the ‘adjusting for inflation’ rule under rule # 2.

  1. Do you want health care?  Premiums will be deducted from your pay just like the rest of us. Your plans will be issued by the same private insurers who currently cover everyone else.  Try it.  You’ll like it.
  2. Expenses will be closely monitored by the GAO.  All expenses of both the house and senate will be public record and a report of all expenditures will be posted for download by anyone who wishes to see them.  Caps will be put in place to prevent abuse.

NOTE: This is how virtually all of us in the corporate private sector operates. We are held accountable for such things. You should be, too. No exceptions. Suck it up, buttercup.

  1. We have a Constitution.  It is a sacred document drafted upon the Christian principles of the men who carefully crafted it.  Follow it.  Defend it.  It will NOT be overruled by ANY international law or treaty…ever. Your decisions will be guided by this document.  If it isn’t Constitutional, you have no authority to do it. This ain’t rocket science.

NOTE: This is so common sense it’s funny. How does Congress, right NOW, not understand this? Well, they do, but they choose to ignore it. Congress and government in general, disregard the concept of restraint. Give them an inch, they take 10 miles and they do it every single time. The Constitution is meant to guide and restrain them. Their blatant abuse of power borders on treason at times and it’s our job to put them in check.

Have I told you about that Article 5 Convention yet?

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