The New York Post reports that the video, released on Thursday, shows 1,036 so-called 'asylum seekers' entering the United States illegally in the early morning hours on Wednesday. This shatters the previous record of those entering illegally in one massive group. Last month 424 were apprehended entering at once.

This should serve to reinforce the fact that we do have a crisis on our border. Congress has had years, under both Republican and Demcrat control, to do what is neccessary to protect our border, yet they have stedfastly refused. Politicians are so concerned with losing votes that they have continually kicked this can down the road for decades. A Washington Examiner article revealed that DNA testing shows that 30 percent of these 'mirgant families' were not even related!  Keep in mind, these are the 30 percent they actually found out about. How many slipped by undetected?

In April, more than 100,000 illegals crossed into the U.S. at various locations along the border. That is double the number from one year earlier. The American people must ask themselves this question: why do our elected officials continue to ignore the issue, refusing to take the meanigful steps needed to secure our border? We need a wall, we need drone technology in the air 24/7, we need more boots on the ground, we need the best high-tech surveilance above and below ground. And yet, we have no serious movement towards this end. Perhaps a better question is this: Why do we keep re-electing the same people to Congress when they clearly don't give a damn about border security?


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