Independence Day is this Saturday. On any other year we'd be gearing up for a big outdoor festival at the MPEC or Sheppard Air Force Base, but this is 2020. This year we're doing everything at least a little bit differently.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic we will not have the typical Freedom Fest we're accustomed to with entertainment, food, games, and fun activities for the kids. As everyone can understand that wouldn't be a good idea right now. But it is our nation's birthday and we simply cannot let that go by without celebration.

I recently had the chance to chat with Major Scott Davis from Sheppard Air Force Base and we talked about how things will be working with the Get Your Wings Up Freedom Fest Fireworks display this year and where we should set up for the best view.

In the interview Major Davis explains why we're not having the big blowout celebration that Sheppard Air Force Base is famous for and tells us that the fireworks will be launched from a slightly different location on base this year. Rather than launching the display from the North end of the base as the crowds watch from the festival area on base they'll be launched from the South end of the base this year. That means your best vantage point would be along McKinley Road along the South side of the base. Generally along the roads you'd take if you were going to the Wichita Falls Municipal Airport.

Since we won't be on the base to hear the sound track to go with the fireworks display you can tune in to 102.3 The Bull FM to hear the patriotic music coordinating with the aerial explosions. The display and soundtrack will both begin at 10:00 o'clock Saturday evening.

Gorgeous fireworks display
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Since there will likely be several other people parked along the road, be sure to practice appropriate distancing and use the personal protection equipment that makes you feel comfortable. Bring your lawn chairs, snacks, and bug spray and enjoy the show from the vantage point of your choice.

A big hat-tip from all of us to everyone in at Sheppard Air Force Base, the City of Wichita Falls, and Red River Harley-Davidson for making this happen this year. 2020 has been a year of adapting and changing the way we do almost everything, let's make this 4th of July celebration happy and safe for everyone.

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