Come on doggo, you have been perfect so far! If you're right, I will love you forever.

What an epic time to be a Dallas sports fan. If you don't like this time, we can't be friends. Stars one night, Mavs the next. It's so much fun! The Mavericks dominated the Suns last night to force a game seven and I need the Stars to do the same tonight to the Calgary Flames. Here's the thing, a lot of Stars fans have faith in this dog.

Allow me to introduce you to Steph Furry also known as Aircorg on Tik Tok. Almost one million followers on Tik Tok, this little guy is this generation's Air Bud. So Steph here has been predicting the Stanley Cup Playoffs and for the Round 1 matchup of Stars and Flames he has LITERALLY been perfect.

He had Flames winning game 1. Flames wins 1-0.

He had Stars winning game 2. Stars win 2-0.

He had Stars winning game 3. Stars wins 4-2. (I WAS AT THIS ONE!)

He had Flames winning game 4. Flames win 4-1

He had Flames winning game 5 Flames win 3-1.

He has Stars winning game 6. ?????

He has Stars winning game 7. ?????

All my faith is in this damn dog right now. So Steph Furry if you're right. I will go buy my dog the biggest toy at the store to celebrate. Also Steph, we need to talk about your Mavs prediction. Suns in 6? Gross. I just don't want my playoff fun to end. Give me another round of awesomeness.

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