Oh my favorite item is gone Whataburger? I don't think so.

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I want to make this very clear if anybody from Whataburger corporate finds this. I absolutely love your restaurant, unfortunately you do one thing that really pisses me off when it comes to food establishments. You take items off your menu, even though you have all the ingredients in the back to make the thing I want.


My favorite item is the Buffalo Ranch Chicken Strip Sandwhich. It's all I wanted from Whataburger yesterday. I know they have buffalo and ranch sauce back there, but I could only get a Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwhich. So this is what I did and I am doing this forever.

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Order the Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwhich dry, this means no sauce. Sub the toast bread to the hamburger bun, request a side of ranch, request a side of buffalo sauce, and BAM my sandwich is back on the menu.


Whataburger you can literally charge me more money to do this and I won't care. The Buffalo Ranch is way better than the Honey BBQ. If we can get Skittles to change their flavors, we can get Whataburger to as well. I was so happy when you guys put Chorizo on the menu full time for the taquitos. Brilliant move by the way, easily my favorite breakfast option now. Do the right thing Whataburger! Give the people what they want, Buffalo and Ranch for life!

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