Who saw this one coming a mile away?

A new school policy is going into effect this year that has some people scratching their heads. Back in 2021, the Texas Senate passed Bill 797. It states that a school can display a banner with 'In God We Trust', if the banner is privately donated. I assume this is a separation of Church and State since the school did not spend any money in displaying these banners.

Patriot Mobile, a Texas based cell phone company spent half a million dollars in making banners for school districts throughout Texas. They have started going up in schools throughout the state. Well it looks like someone decided to troll the Carroll ISD school board meeting this past week. This particular school district already displays some of the banners from Patriot Mobile.

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So more donations came in for the district to be displayed in the school. The banners simply say "In God We Trust", just like the others. However, one of them was written in Arabic. Another one had the word God written in rainbow colors. Once again, they both say "In God We Trust" and are being donated. The school district has declined the offer to display them.

The school board cited it had no obligation to accept these donations of signs because the district had already accepted signs from Patriot Mobile. Every school in the district has a sign from Patriot Mobile.

"The statute does not contemplate requiring the district to display more than one copy at a time. Instead the statue requires a durable poster or framed copy which limits displays to one poster or framed copy in an effort not to overwhelm schools with donations,” said Cam Bryant the school board president.

“It doesn’t say you have to stop at one," Srivan Krishna said. "That is your decision to stop at one. Why is more God not good? Are you saying you don’t have one square feet of space in our buildings.” Krishna brought the signs that were made by former and current students to the school board meeting.

I saw something like this coming a mile away. We will have to wait and see if Senate Bill 797 causes more headaches for school districts in Texas.

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