I know many are still saddened at the passing of local KFDX reporter Shatanya Clarke. It looks like Shatanya got some national attention this week on Inside Edition.

It was one week ago today that we found out that Shatanya Clarke passed away. For me, it was right around 3 PM last week when I got the news. In case you do not know, KFDX is our television partner. If you tune in, you probably see ads for our radio station. Every day they send me a new commercial to play previewing their 6 PM news.

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On this day, I received an email that someone in the newsroom had passed away and I wouldn't be getting an update. I didn't want to intrude and ask who it was. A few hours later, we all found out during the 6 PM broadcast. KFDX, did an amazing tribute to Shatanya and on Monday a candle light vigil took place in Wichita Falls for her.

Something you may not know is Shatanya story got national attention this week on Inside Edition. You can check out the segment above in case you missed it. Also if you want to hear more from Shatanya, they mentioned her talking about her cancer battle on YouTube. You can watch those videos below.

I know many folks in town are still in mourning over the death of Shatanya. Although I never met her personally she seemed like an amazing person and I can tell from folks around town she will be dearly missed.

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