In case you've been living on a line to buy an iPhone 5, the new…wait, that wouldn't make sense. The iPhone 5 is out. It's sure to make the lives of everyone who purchase it at least 16.3% easier. The larger screen is gonna assist someone in finding the cure for cancer. Bank on it.

Anyway, the people standing on line for hours for the new iPhone 5 release probably work with a logic that's a slight upgrade from analog. That's a nice way of saying waiting outside to buy a phone is lunacy. Yeah, we get it, the "camaraderie" but how about you and your dork friends just all hit ORDER on the website together and talk about it over a milkshake at Johnny Rockets? Stop crowding up our streets.

The woman being interviewed by Sideshow Mel in this vid is a perfect example of the "herd mentality." Sitting in line just because everyone else is doing it. Also, she's dumb as an ox. Kidding. A herd of ox. Oxen.

Although, she might have just come up with the next great Apple slogan.

Apple -- I like it because it's got an apple on it.