Forget about 3D movies, pretty soon we could have 3D screens. At the 2012 Yeosu EXPO in Korea, Hyundai unveiled a new panoramic project screen that is actually made up of thousands of 11" x 11" cubes that can push in and out creating a rippling and pulsating effect on the screen. So not only can the image be in 3D but the screen could move along with it.

The technology may not be quite there yet but the screen could be coordinated with the visual images so that when something swings across the screen in 3D, the cubes would reflect that motion. So things just wouldn't seem like they're in 3D, they'd actually be in 3D.

One example given is the scene in the original 'Matrix' when the helicopter crashes into the side of the building and ripples outward (watch that clip here to see what we're talking about). Now image that with the screen actually moving along with it.

You'll have to watch the video below to see how this screen works to get a full sense of how this can be incorporated into a movie theater. Could this be the new IMAX? (FastCoDesign / via