Don't get me wrong, I legit thought this was hilarious a few weeks ago. The people still waiting have something seriously wrong with them.

Back on November 2nd, a large group of QAnon supporters were in Dealey Plaza over in Dallas waiting for JFK Jr. to show up and announce he would be Donald Trump's running mate. Jr. has been dead for decades after dying in a plane crash over in Martha's Vineyard. Shockingly he didn't show up.

One week later, another, much smaller group, showed up waiting for JFK Jr. Guess what happened? That's right, no Jr. once again. I really thought at this point this story was done and we all had a good laugh at their expense. NOPE! Yesterday was the anniversary of the JFK assassination in Dallas and a group showed up waiting for Jr., this was it. Third timeis the charm.

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Once again, no JFK Jr. I truly am fascinated that these people believe JFK Jr. will resurrect and show up at the place where his father was killed. Some of these folks believe that neither of them are dead, but they're going to show up in Dallas for some reason. I'm not sure if they have seen the Zapruder film, but that looks pretty definitive to me that someone died that day.

According to an article posted yesterday in the Rolling Stone, the person getting these people hyped up is Michael Protzman. He keeps moving the date of when these guys will show up. At some point they have to believe he is a conman. He reminds of these televangelists that tell these people doomsday is coming, send us money so you can get into heaven.

Then the day passes and nothing happens. Jim Bakker has been peddling this crap for years and I cannot believe people honestly send folks like this money. We will see how many more weeks this guy can get these folks to show up. I'm sure people in Dallas are getting sick of it.

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