This is one small town that is probably better known for its haunts, than small-town charm. Most of the time when you talk about small towns in Oklahoma the conversation normally centers around how friendly they are, or how pretty the streets and buildings are. Not about how haunted it is!

If you're brave enough you could take the short trip down Highway 7 to the small town of Waurika, OK. for some top-notch ghost stories and maybe some ghost hunting as well.

It is pretty far out of the way dow in Southwest Oklahoma, but people who are into the frightening haunted places rave about it. Apparently, Waurika has more than its fair share of scary stories and haunted houses, they even have a haunted library!


If you're so inclined, you may think about making Waurika a weekend getaway to hunt ghosts and visit haunted houses. While there's not much more to do in the sleepy little town, the town is like 2,500 people so it's a really small town but there are a handful of dynamite restaurants in the area to tide you over.

Waurika used to be a big railroad town back in the day. As a matter of fact the old Rock Island Railroad hub or building is still standing and that's where some of the biggest haunts are. The old railroad building is now home to a library that's reportedly haunted. People have seen an apparition of a "ghost man" walking around. Supposedly there are even photos of this "ghost man" taken by locals and others.


People have reported all kinds of terrifying paranormal experiences from books flying off the shelves to doors slamming to feeling the presence of a ghost. There's several other houses and buildings in Waurika that are rumored to be haunted, some are abandoned and others have people living in them. There are lots of local legends and ghost stories to investigate. The wife is beyond excited. The rest of us...Not so much!

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