Texas can’t seem to catch a break from the severe weather this year. 

I’ve lived in the Lone Star State for almost all of my 50 years on this planet and 2023 is the worst I can remember for severe weather. There was a tornado outbreak on February 26 and it feels like not more than a month has gone by without the threat of tornadoes since.

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So, I wasn’t in the least bit shocked when I saw that there’s a chance we could see tornadoes tomorrow (November 30), according to CNN. 

According to the report, the southeastern part of Texas will see the greatest potential for tornadoes. Of course, along with the threat of tornadoes comes the threat of damaging hail and high winds. 

The possibility of severe weather will increase late tomorrow morning and last into mid-afternoon. 

Keep an eye on local media for the latest severe weather updates.

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