Living in Texas is fantastic, there is a lot to do and see, and everyone feels safe here. But we also know that crime happens everywhere, and we need to stay aware of our surroundings. It’s good that most people feel safe in Texas but there are still horrible crimes that take place here and some that have gone unsolved for decades. 

Texas Cold Case Files

After working long hours at work my wife and I often find ourselves watching a crime show on television like so many other people, and the cold case crimes often grab our attention. It’s shocking that people can commit such horrible crimes and those happen everywhere including here in Texas. We found a list of old cold case files Texas law enforcement officials would love to solve now.  

These Texas Cold Cases Are Horrendous  

All cold case files are sad because there is a family and a victim that was attacked and whoever committed the crime isn’t facing their punishment yet. Even if these cases have been around for decades, these families still deserve justice. And as you read through some of the cold cases below it’s so sad how many of them involve the death of a child. 

Let’s Look at Unsolved Texas Cold Case Files 

Here is a look at some cold case files that law enforcement officials in Texas are still trying to solve. If you have information on any of these cases, please contact law enforcement immediately. You would want someone to help if one of these crimes happened to your family.  

Unsolved: These Are The Top Texas Cold Cases

The Texas Rangers keep an updated website on the top cold case investigations in the state. They currently date back to 1979. One case is from Lubbock County.

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