Nothing quite like giving back to the Wichita Falls community and the Carlson Law Firm had an awesome event this past week in case you missed it.

Carlson Cares Program Gets Meals to Wichita Falls Families

Around this time in November, people are starting to plan out their Thanksgiving meals. I always make the trip to Denton to go see my grandparents and they head to the Dallas Cowboys game. Sadly, I know some folks may not have a plan for Thanksgiving, for the simple fact they can't afford it. Well the Carlson Law Firm wanted to do what they could to help out some local families during this year because they're thankful to the Wichita Falls community.

Carlson Law Firm Thanksgiving Basket

As you can in the post above, the Carlson Law Firm office in Killeen did a Thanksgiving giveaway. Our local Wichita Falls office said they wanted to do something as well and what could we do? Well we went directly to you. We had you nominate a family on our app to get a meal and so many great submissions came in. The Carlson Law Firm couldn't pick so EVERY single person nominated won!

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We had everyone who won come by this past Friday to pick them up at the Carlson Law Firm office in Parker Square and we actually gave away some more baskets to random winners who happened to hear about it on the radio. I had one person tell me thank you because they really didn't know what they were gonna do for Thanksgiving this year. The thanks goes to the Carlson Law Firm and United Supermarkets for helping out. All I did was talk about it, those guys are the ones to thank.

What Did Everybody Get in the Basket?

The basket had everything you need to fill a table for Thanksgiving. All the canned vegetables like green beans, corn, yams, to name a few. Can't forget the stuffing box and a box of mashed potatoes as well. Then folks got a $25 gift card to United to pick out their protein. Put it towards a turkey, a ham, honestly whatever you want. Want to do ribs for Thanksgiving? Go right ahead. Just wanted to thank the Carlson Law Firm for doing this for Wichita Falls and thank them for letting us be a part of it.

Carlson Law Firm Thanksgiving Giveaway 2023

The Carlson Law Firm Wichita Falls office did free Thanksgiving meals for Wichita Falls families recently and here are some of the folks that won. In total 20 Thanksgiving baskets were given away. Everything you need to put on an epic Thanksgiving was included. Some folks could not attend the event, but they will pick up their baskets later. Below is everyone who was able to make it out so we could snap a photo.

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